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If you do not know how many words your document contains, send it to us by post, fax or e-mail (see Contact Us); we will count the words and give you a fast, free, no-obligation quotation.

We provide translations and interpreters for many languages that are not on our Rate List - even rare languages.



On average, each translator works at a rate of 2,000 words per day.


Certified/Authenticated Translations

Translation World can supply the following types of certification:

· Translator's Certificate

· Affidavit sworn in front of and stamped by a Solicitor (usually for courts in the UK)

· Affidavit sworn in front of and stamped by a Notary Public (usually needed for courts abroad)

· Apostille

· Sworn Stamped Translation (into Spanish)



Translation World provides a full DTP/typesetting service. If required we can send you back the completed job electronically. We can even typeset non-Roman languages, e.g. Greek, Japanese, Chinese.


Please contact us if you need any other services, i.e. tape transcriptions, voice-overs, etc.